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The best System Integrator on the planet!

Maybe we are not the best, but we are still amazing ! If you need a new System Integrator...
Welcome to Faxilla!

About Us

Faxilla is small company based in Turin with 20+ years of experience and customer spread around the globe. Our core business is providing solutions for any size of company. We think, develop and enroll solutions for IT Office, Engineering Office and Manufacturing department. With experience in Fashion, Automotive, Aerospace & Defense we have a complete background from the “Idea” to the “Realization”.

Our software solutions, customization and add-ons help our clients to speed up their processes and provide them the best solution to help them focus in what they are amazing

Developing their Products



We are small and reactive, that means we can answer all your needs in a snap. Our strategy is to keep and maintain a CI/CD approach to make continuous improvements and fix to all our solutions.


We have a strong expertise in the most important PLM and IT software, but we are not retailers. If we suggest a solution it is because we believe in that solution and not because we have to sell more licenses for a specific software.


We believe in what we do and we try to do it to the best of our ability. Our goal is to work well and without waste for a better life for ourselves and our customers. We are good but we can accept the criticisms that will allow us to become even better.



PLM Customization

We provide costumization for Dassault, Aras, Ptc and many other software vendors.

Business Consulting

We can help you to discover and redesign business process.

Software Develompent

We develop software, addons and everything you need for your company. It can be a webapp, manufacturing application or just big red button!

Maintenance & Support

Our core business is to keep our customer satisfy, and we can offer you specific solution for AMS and Change Request. If you need we can help you on your live projects

Project Management

You want to develop a project but you think we are too small ? So bad, but we have all the expertise to help you drive the project in time ad help you to understand what your System Integrator tells you


We provide specific courses on the solutions we implement or we can develop specific courses to your requests. New technologies, programming courses. All to allow your resources to stay up to date

Data Migration

Our experience in Data Migration allows us to help you reduce the impact of migration to a minimum. To our standardized processes we add everything you need to extract, manipulate, correct your data. No matter whether they come from CAD or old PLM systems and yes, we can help you even if you have the data in Excel

CAD ERP Integration

Do you have an ERP that nobody wants to integrate? Don't you want to pay for expensive licenses to use a CAD integration that is only partially what you need? Not a problem, we develop, customize, and correct your new integrations independently of your PLM / ERP. You want to update the CAD without updating the PLM? You can!



Axelor is the editor of the hybrid Open Source platform which combines a Low-code/No-code BPM with more than thirty business applications: ERP, CRM, sales management, HR, Stock, Production, Project management, Accounting... The platform is deployed in several business sectors: Industries, Ministries, Service companies, Consulting firms, Training organisations, etc.

The integrated BPM and the Low-code platform allow to design any type of business process and to generate a functional application that natively integrates with the business application repository.